About Flame Kabob

Flame Kabob is a family owned and operated restaurant where every member of the family has contributed their unparallel amount of expertise and attention to this business. This restaurant started its business about 25 years ago serving Virginia, Maryland, D.C and surroundings. Flame Kabob is famous for its food and exceptional hospitality. Our long-marinated slow-grilled boneless chicken kabob, spicy, juicy lamb chops, bolani, sambosas, seasoned rice or our burgers speaks for its own irresistible taste and flavor. When you enter the restaurant the different flavors and mouth-watering smell of food rings through and makes you wonder which food to try and what to take home. The flame of the natural wood on the grill gives the food extra flavor. The bolani, a clay oven baked turnover stuffed with leeks and scallion or potatoes served with a dip of yogurt and the crispy, three-cornered sambosas show a mastery of pastry, while rice (an afterthought at Flame kabob) is seasoned and delicately steamed to its perfection complements our unique talent and ability.

Words of Appreciation 


Everyone in the restaurant is extremely polite. Afghan food is new to me and I really enjoy it. It’s a whole new dining experience for us. The restaurant is very clean.


The selection of foods is always great and I Truly appreciate how the staff checks up on my meal to make sure everything is okay.


Its my favourite restaurant! i dine there at least 2-3 times a week, for lunch/dinner! Everyone is extremely friendly and the food is delicious!

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